Mawla Greenland Stick Bag


A rugged paddle bag, designed to protect your paddles and make carrying them around so much easier.


The Mawla Greenland Stick Bag is a rugged bag designed and built here in Co Down. It is designed to hold 2 Greenland Kayak Paddles and also has a separate pocket for your norsaq, your harpoon stick.

The Mawla is constructed from padded nylon and has carrying handles and a shoulder strap – the perfect way to protect you valuable Achtra ceasli (kayak paddles).

It comes in one length and will comfortable take Greenland kayak paddles up to 230 cm long. If you need a shorter bag (say, only for storm paddles, or a longer one for you giants out there) contact us and we can do that at no extra cost to you.

‘M├íla’ (pronounced ‘mawla’) is the Irish language word for a bag!


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