Greenland Kayaking Information and Resources – Qajaq USA – a great resource for all things Greenland kayaking – A site dedicated to Greenland Kayak rolling – Christopher and Nick Crowhurst’s site, a great resource for Shrike builders and owners – Harvey Golden’s incredible website – a real resources for students of traditional arctic craft – an annual gathering of traditional greenland kayak enthusiasts near Minneapolis

Irish Sea Kayaking links – Sport Northern ireland’s National Outdoor Centre. Sea Kayaking and Canoeing course provider – Irish Sea Kayaking Association – Dave Walsh’s amazing resource for all planning on kayaking along the Irish Coast (no matter how long or short your trip will be!)

Greenland Kayaking resources – ‘Rolling with Sticks’ – A excellent video about Greenland Rolling – A short video showing the Storm paddle and sliding stroke

Suppliers – A wide range of epoxy and laminating supplier in Belfast – friendly helpful staff and a great range of hardwood and softwoods, in Belfast – Supplier of a range of fabrics for paddle bags, canvas canoes and skin-on-frame kayaks – Supplier of artificial sinew and leather

Canoeing – Really useful information about the range of canoes produced by the Chestnut Canoe Company